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Access Control Systems

The possibility of physical damage to valuable equipment and records, or theft by criminals or discontented employees, rises daily. Restricting personnel, contractors' or visitors' access to buildings or areas is becoming ever more important.

We have vast experience in the area of access control and can recommend a suitable system from the many we regularly install. Whether it is to prevent unwanted intruders passing the reception area unnoticed or restricting access to certain areas within a building, we have the product to suit your circumstances. Our systems can be push button, keypad coded, swipe card or operated using an electronic fob and scaled from single door installations to major building systems.

Access control systems can use various technologies, user code keypads, swipe cards, proximity cards or key fobs etc.

Access control systems

Audio Entry Systems are a cost effective method of allowing you to identify your caller before you open the door to them.

Video Entry Systems are similar to Audio Entry Systems except you can see the identity of your caller before you open the door to them.

Card Entry Systems are an ideal way of controlling access in and around your building. Systems range from standalone to multiple readers controlled by a computer. Cards can be programmed to only allow access into authorised areas.

Coded Entry Keypads are a cost effective method of allowing access through a single door. Codes can be periodically changed to enhance your security.

DDA Systems, these door entry panels and systems are designed to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Whatever your needs, from large security access control systems to minor entry system jobs, we offer the highest standards of care and equipment, giving you peace of mind for security.

Above all, our systems are designed to be exceptionally easy to use. As an independent company, we are able to specify a range of products available from professional manufacturing companies and leading security industry trade distributors.


Access control systems
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