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Security Tips Inside Your Home:

  • Ensure your doors have adequate locks - protect doors with dead bolt locks. Statistics show that 80% of all break-ins are through a door.
  • Secure all your sliding glass doors with a metal bar or wooden dowel placed in the door track.
  • Close and lock your doors and windows - even if you are only going out for a short time.
  • Don't leave valuables in sight through windows where burglars can see them.
  • Don't leave keys in their locks - ensure they are put away, even if you are at home.
  • Ensure that all ground and basement windows are fitted with locks.
  • Use a security marker pen to mark your postcode on your property - this will enable the police to return any stolen property to you. Make an inventory of your valuables and keep the list in safe place for the Police or Insurance company.
  • Light up inside your home - ensure that you have appropriate lighting. This is one of the most cost-effective deterrents to burglary as it gives the impression that a home is occupied.
  • Invest in a Linc Secure monitored home security system – alarm systems are an effective deterrent.
  • Linc Secure's Monitored Security Systems provide peace of mind through 24-hour monitoring and can contact the Police or Fire Brigade where appropriate.

Security Tips Outside Your Home:

  • Light up the outside of your home - in addition to keeping your home well lit, invest in motion-detecting outdoor floodlights around your home.
  • Maintain your garden - ensure that your back and front gardens provide maximum visibility to and from your home.
  • Tree limbs should also be trimmed to prevent thieves from climbing into windows.
  • Lock away garden tools - ensure ladders and garden tools are out of sight and secure them to prevent burglars from using them to break into your home.
  • Ensure your garage door is secure - especially if there is an adjoining door into your house.
  • Keep garden gates locked.
  • Fit a trellis on top of garden fences - this makes it more difficult for burglars to climb into your garden.
  • Never leave door keys under the doormat or under a plant pot outside.

Fire Tips for The Home:

  • Ensure you have a working smoke alarm.
  • Never leave candles unattended and make sure they are in holders that won't fall over.
  • Unplug all lights at night.
  • Don't run wires under carpets or rugs.
  • Don't overload plug sockets - no more than three plugs should be used on any one extension cord.
  • Plan an escape route for you and your family.

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There were over 400,000 domestic burglaries recorded in 2003-04
Burglary affects 1 in 30 households annually
A burglary occurs every 20 seconds in the UK
Fires in the home account for over 80% of all fire casualties
Every year domestic fires reached over 60,000 in the UK
These fires kill or injure 11,500 people

Source: Home Office Statistical Bulletin - Crime in England & Wales 2003-04



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